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These pages are been created for allowing the search of Data and Pedigree of Golden Retriever.
The data are of public dominion, and they are adjourned by the managers and the user of the site.
You are welcome to add information on dogs that are missing from the database, or to correct errors if you find them.

These pages are been translated with the help of a computer translator: if you find some errors, we beg You to communicate them to us through our e-mail addresses.

Legal notes:
The information inserted in this database are of public dominion, and/or are provided by the user of the site.
We provide no warranty in respect of the reliability, precision, completeness or exhaustiveness of the information provided, and we accept no responsibility for the use of information provided.
The user agrees to hold out the owners, the managers and the utilizzatoris of this site and their representatives, from whatever application or responsibility or damage that can result from the proper or improper use of the furnished and/or used information, and everything this for any purpose both personnel how commercial.
Users hereby agree to use or rely on such information at their own risk.
For further information or to have answered to questions not contemplated in this page, write to:

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